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Free Booklet: Sentence Structure Guide

I would like to offer my Sentence Structure Guide to all current students and potential members of this community! With this guide you will learn how to build the 4 types of sentences in English: simple, compound, complex, and compound-complex. A worksheet with solutions is included. Just click the button below for your free download.

Everything You Need to Know About the Simple Present Tense

This is a grammar course all about the simple present tense. Whether you are a beginner, someone who is reviewing the basics, or an ESL teacher, this course will teach you how to form and use the simple present tense. It is the first course of The Comprehensive Grammar Review! Starts in June, 2021.

Group Discussions

Learn new vocabulary and expressions in a group setting. Group discussions are limited to 8 people and allow you to practice speaking with your peers with the added guidance of your teacher. Discussions happening monthly!

1-on-1 Conversation Classes

Practice what you've learned with a native speaker. Receive personalized feedback and guidance. Classes are 30-minutes each. Available now!

1-on-1 Private Lessons

Practice what you've learned with a native speaker. Receive personalized lessons, feedback, and homework. Lessons are 45 minutes each. Available now!

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Let me answer some of your questions.

Depending on your individual English goals, I can help you find the right course to help you reach those goals. Schedule a consultation with me here.

Each course is divided into manageable 30 minutes lessons designed to give you frequent exposure with the language, as well as concentrated information to make the best use of your time. 

If you need to provide your employer with proof of your studies, I can offer a certificate of participation in my programs. 

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With online courses you can save time by eliminating the commute, streamlining the learning process, and having it all accessible on one site.